Apartment for Sale Dalmatia Brac Island Brac   | Zipcode: | ID:109

Property details Brac Island, Dalmatia
$2,000 1 Bed.| 1 Bat.| 2 Parking.| 135 Sqft | 
County: Brac,
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Apartments situated on the beautiful location, with the square footage from 55 sq m to 135 sq m. Each apartment has a view on the sea. The apartments consist of three mutually connected units. Each apartment has its own parking space. The square footages are different, and range from 55 sq m, 58 sq m, 72 sq m and 135 sq m, as well as the prices, which range from 2000 - 2300 Euro/sq m. All apartments are two-room, except the big apartment in the attic. Each apartment has insurance: i.e. two years for the inner space and ten years for exterior. The house lot is regular and nice. Each apartment on the ground floor will also have a neat garden with flowers and trees. Each apartment is on storeys. The entire infrastructure is present, and the documentation is regular.

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