Apartment for Sale Serbia Kopaonik Serbia Weekend area 15   | Zipcode:36320 | ID:131

Property details 15 Weekend area Kopaonik, Serbia 36320
$1,200 3 Bed.| 1 Bat.| 19 Parking.| 50 Sqft |  Pool
County: Serbia, Community: Weekend area,
Contact detail Phone:  |   WWW:
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Property is located in an attractive location in Kopaonik, the beauty of nature and clean air surroundsbuildings.Surface of the building is 1200m,it has 22 lux furnished apartment of 16-34-41-43-45m2.Building has its own parking. Due to power failure and water has its own generators and rezervoare.Also hotel is equipped with video surveillance and security doors.The best materials are used for the coating bath and floors.Also it was introduced and central heating throughout the building.

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